Everything was going well for the Miller family; parents Bill and Ann were enjoying retirement by traveling, wintering in Florida, visiting out-of-town children and grandchildren, playing golf, attending sporting events of grandchildren in town…the ideal life. Their three children were grown with families of their own. While their daughter and her family remained in Miamisburg, their sons married after college and began their lives and had families in South Carolina and Texas.


As Bill and Ann entered their 80s they were fortunate to be in good health. Ann was getting a little forgetful, but everyone chalked it up to getting older.


Meanwhile, Bill assumed more of what had always been Ann’s responsibilities, including driving her to appointments and shopping. He never shared his concerns about Ann’s memory, but the kids all noticed things were changing with mom.


Because of the family’s geographical dispersion, their ever-proactive daughter – and the couple’s power of attorney – thought it was best to get organized and prepare for the future with aging parents.


A friend recommended investigating the caregiver tools available from a Miamisburg company; Seniors Resource Hub®. The first tool she decided to purchase was the Senior eHealth Records Repository for each parent. This tool stores health history and legal documents electronically and portably on a flash drive.


In the winter of 2012, while the elder Millers were in Florida at their winter home, Bill had a stroke while driving. The resulting car accident caused some bumps and bruises for Ann, while Bill had some serious injuries. The Emergency Room doctor called their daughter to tell her about the accident and to ask what medical condition could have contributed to the cause.


Although it was difficult to think clearly, she remembered the Records Repository that had been placed on his keychain. She told the doctor, and he found the information he needed.


The family soon learned that Bill’s stroke would require that he go to a rehabilitation facility. There was no promise on how many functions he would regain. The kids needed to decide on next steps; should they consider a rehab in Florida or should Bill and Ann go home with one of the kids? Without Bill, Ann’s forgetfulness became more apparent. Ann also wanted to “go home”, so she and her daughter went home looking for the right facility.


Having never been through this process, they didn’t know where to begin. Then the Miller’s daughter recalled another tool available from Seniors Resource Hub® a Skilled Nursing Comparison Checklist. The checklist had questions to ask facilities to help make the best decision about Bill’s rehab.


After Bill had been in rehab for a few days, it was determined that he may never be as independent as he was prior to the stroke. His daughter took the Assisted Living Comparison Checklist and visited four facilities, covered the details and narrowed the choices down. Again, her goal was to make sure her parents could get their needs met and receive the best care possible while staying together.


Weeks went by and Bill made tremendous progress, but it was determined by parents and kids that assisted living would be the best and safest place for them to live. The Millers visited to the top two facilities, reviewed the answers to the checklist and together made the final choice.


Once Bill and Ann were settled in their new apartment, the next step was to sell the family home and address what to do with the leftover contents. The Seniors Downsizing and Moving Checklist and Tools helped ensure efficiency and prevent problems with the downsizing.


The Millers are enjoying their new home and the new friends they have made, all the while continuing to cherish their family visits. Their children are relieved to know that their parents are getting the best care available.